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Do not set out any waste or bulk items for pick up on Sat., Nov. 1 >>>




    UPDATED OCT 30 2014  -  Do not set TRASH OR BULK ITEMS out for collection on Sat., Nov. 1.  Trucks WILL NOT RUN ON SAT. NOV. 1, in Coppell.  The new trash and bulk waste collection days, city-wide, are Monday and Thursday. Your next trash and bulk waste collection service day will be Mon., Nov. 3. City-wide, the new recycling day is Green Wednesday.  First recycling and yard trimmings pick up, by Republic Services, will occur on Wed., Nov. 5. 
  • The Time Warp Band Comes to Old Town Nov. 1st!

    Put your dancin' shoes on, and come out to Old Town Coppell for a concert in the Square, Saturday, November 1 at 7PM! Dance to all your favorites, from country to pop, disco to rock, and everything in between!

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  • Coppell Fire Department Reminds Citizens To Change Your Battery

    As most Americans set their clocks back one hour, the Coppell Fire Department wants homeowners to “change your clocks and change your batteries” on Sunday, November 2. “Fresh batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can help provide the extra seconds needed to save a life,” Coppell Fire Chief Kevin Richardson states.
  • November 4 Election Information

    The City of Coppell will NOT have propositions on the ballot this November, nor will Town Center be a polling location.  For information regarding the Governor’s race, propositions of other entities, and polling locations, please see one of the following links.
  • Traffic Switch on W Sandy Lake Rd. Begins Oct. 29

    Traffic along W. Sandy Lake Rd. will shift on Wed., Oct. 29, to one lane in each direction between S. Coppell Road and N. Coppell Road on the correct side of the road.  This will allow the contractor to work on the sidewalks, bridge rails, and retaining walls on the western portion of the project.

  • Municipal Courts Week Open House November 5, 2014

    Join the Coppell Municipal Court in celebrating Municipal Courts Week. The public is invited to attend an open house from 1 to 6 PM on November 5, 2014, in the Justice Center, 130 Town Center Blvd. 
  • Living Well in Coppell Free Wellness Events Available Daily through October

    October is the kickoff month for Living Well in Coppell!  You are invited and encouraged to participate in a month full of fun, educational and active daily events throughout the entire month of October.
  • Time is running out for Kid Country Donor Plaque corrections!

    The temporary Kid Country Donor plaques have been in place on the front wall of Kid Country for some time now. The plan is to cast the permanent plaques in early December, so there is still time for Donors to make corrections before the permanent plaques are cast. There is also the opportunity for any new Donors to add their name on the permanent plaque, which is expected to be in place for the next 25-30 years. A minimum of $500 donation is required in order to have a new Donor added to the plaques.

     For more detail on how to make corrections to any existing Donor inscriptions, or for information on how new Donors can have their name added to the plaques, please go to

    On that web site you'll be able to view photos of the temporary plaques and either submit corrections, or make a new donation. Corrections or new Donations should be received no later than December 31, 2014.

  • Make a Child Smile Gift Program

    The annual “Make a Child Smile” program sponsored by the City of Coppell and administered by City employees, is just around the corner! The goal of the program is to provide gifts (toys and/or clothing) to children in Coppell who need a little extra help this Christmas. (All children in the program live within the city limits of Coppell.) 

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