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Public Library

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​​The Cozby Library and Community Commons was established in 1974 as the Coppell Public Library in an old frame home located at 561 N. Coppell Road. The library was a volunteer effort opening its doors with 3,000 books. In 1986, the library moved to Town Center and was renamed in honor of William T. Cozby, a former mayor and civic leader. The doors opened at the present location on April 24, 1995.  Since that time, the number of people entering the building and the circulation of materials have changed dramatically. ​The library moved to a temporary building located at 500 Southwestern Blvd in September of 2015. The renovation finished in October of 2016. The library reopened on October 31, 2016 with a new name, Cozby Library and Community Commons. Today, the collection contains more than 88,000 items including books, CDs, DVDs, electronic resources such as downloadable audiobooks and e-books, Internet workstations and public WiFi access.

The Renovation is complete! Visit the Library page for hours and u​pcoming activities!

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​​Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2016Estimated Project Cost: $8,200,000​​
Library Strategic PlanHidell Agreement​​​Hidell Design Contract​CRDC Bond Council Presentation
​​Updated Site Plan​9/3/2014 public forum meeting archived on CiTVTempora​ry Relocation Presentation​1/13/2015 Elevation Studies​​​

Thomas S. Byrne, LTD Contract​