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Vision 2040


Perpetuate a Learning Environment

Foster an Inclusive Community Fabric

Enhance the Unique 'Community Oasis' Experience

Future Orientated Approach to Residential Development

Create Business and Innovation Nodes

Implement Innovative Transportation Networks

​Apply 'Smart City' Approach to Resource Management​

Vision 2040 is the subsequent phase of strategic planning for our community's future beyond the Coppell Vision 2030 plan​. This initiative clarifies community priorities that define a clear roadmap that the City of Coppell will use to move into the future. The community-driven initiative led to the development of seven pillars, shown above, which will serve as guideposts for City of Coppell leadership in the coming years.

Approach to Community Engagement

The Vision 2040 process began in the fall of 2017 with the Citizen Summit, an event initiated by the City Council that kicked off the visionary thinking process for residents engaged in planning for the next 20 years. 

We've partnered with a professional facilitator to assist us in the large-scale visioning process, which served as the basis for the new strategic plan. The community engagement phase for Vision 2040 was a comprehensive effort that included dozens of input opportunities between June 2018 and February 2019. 

Our aim was to provide an inclusive and transparent process that encouraged participation for all members of our community. With this goal in mind, we explored many new outreach strategies catered to diverse schedules and offered opportunities such as child watch, virtual participation, and language translation. An Executive Committee comprised of residents with diverse professional expertise oversaw the process to ensure community representation through each stage of the process.​ Opportunities to get involved are represented in the graphic below:

All data collected is in a project portal​ for the community to see. This includes detailed information on the consultant, engagement opportunities, and survey data. 

Community involvement continues as we prepare to implement the plan through the creation of two boards:

  • FOARD Board (Future Oriented Approach to Residential Development) 
  • Smart Cities Board ​
Descriptions and contacts for these boards can be viewed on the Boards & Commissions page. To view meetings and agendas for these boards, please visit the Live Meetings & Archives page​.

Our door is always open for additional feedback. Please feel free to direct questions and inquiries to