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Code Compliance

​​​​​​265 E Parkway Blvd.
Coppell, TX 75019​​
PO Box 9478

The Code Compliance Division consists of three code compliance officers.  To maintain the neighborhood integrity and safety of the community, each officer is assigned an area to ensure this is accompli​shed.  


To view map click here​​.

​Rental Registration Program

The City of Coppell requires that all rental properties located in the city be registered.  Rental properties must be registered on or before January 31.  For Multi-Family registrations please contact the Building Inspections Department at 972-304-3500.


Single-Family On-Lin​​e Paym​​ent​ ​


Registration Forms and Inspection Checklist:


What are the most common code violations?

Click here​ to download and print "A Guide to Keeping our Family Community Beautiful" brochure.

Is a permit required to have a garage sale?

No.  However, garage sales are only allowed twice a year.  Garage sale signs may only be erected between the hours of 6 pm Thursday and 10 pm Sunday.  Sign faces cannot exceed six square feet or be any higher off the ground than 36 inches.  Signs may only be placed on private property and not on city right-of-way.  No sign will be allowed within any street median or attached to any tree, public utility pole, street sign, traffic control sign or devise or other sign.

Are temporary signs allowed in the City of Coppell?​

​Certain restrictions apply.  Please visit Municode​ for more information.

If I'm currently renting my property, am I required to register the property with the City?

Yes.  Rental properties are required to be registered with the City on or before January 31.  Please visit the Rental Registration program for more information.

Do rental properties require an inspection?

Yes.  An inspection of the property is required only when there is a tenant change.  Please contact Building Inspections Department at 972-304-3500 to schedule an inspection.

Does the City inspect for mold issues?

No.  To submit a complaint regarding mold please contact the Texas Department of State Health Services.  For cleanup and remediation please visit the Centers for Disease Control Prevention website.​

Illegal Signs Pay You Program​

​For more information regarding the Illegal Signs Pay You Program click here​.


Suzanne Arnold
Chief Building Official


Laurie Marshall
Code Compliance Officer


​Melissa Govea
Code Compliance Officer


Karen Hartz
Code Compliance Officer