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Mar 15 1PM - 3PM

Beep, Beep: Jeeps!

Life Safety Park, 820 S. Coppell Rd.

​Free Spring Break Classes at Life Safety Park!

About: Students in this class will learn about basic motor vehicle and pedestrian safety skills, such as understanding when and where it is safe to cross a street. Safety rules discussed for when students ride in motor vehicles will include responsible seat belt and booster seat use. After the classroom presentation, students will be given time to practice their learned skills around Safety Town. Registration is required.

Cost: Free!

Requirements: Children enrolled in this class should be in Kindergarten or 1st Grade ONLY.

Things to Know:

  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to class time
  • Candid photos may be taken
  • For safety reasons, child sibling attendance is discouraged. Those with younger or older child siblings may be asked to utilize the onsite playground during Safety Town activities.
  • Parents are required to stay with their children for this class

This class involves use of the battery-operated rovers by students, and as such parental supervision is required to help maintain a safe learning environment for all students and class attendees.

Visit for more info, or click here to register!