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Sep 22 7PM

Teen Mental Health Series

Cozby Library and Community Commons, Online

​We all need help with coping strategies and learning the best methods to take care of ourselves. Teens and parents are invited to join us for a three-part series focused on teen mental health strategies presented by Chris Guzniczak, LPC, a Licensed Professional Counselor at Flower Mound Counseling. For teens in grades 6 - 12 and parents. Registration is required. Register here:

Part 1: Why do I feel this way?

Tuesday, September 22nd

Chris Guzniczak will explore:

  • The reason and purpose of negative feelings,
  • How negative feelings can aid in self-discovery, and
  • Other benefits of recognizing negative feelings. 


Part 2: How do I manage my emotions? 

Tuesday, September 29th

Emotions: we all have them, and we all need tools to manage them. In this session, Chris Guzniczak will discuss:

  • Various strategies for managing emotions,
    • awareness,
    • calming one's mind,
    • positive distractions,
    • taking time to process, and
    • deciding on a positive action plan.
  • Challenging one's perspective, and
  • Changing thought patterns.


Part 3: How do I stay mentally healthy in 2020?

Tuesday, October 6th 

2020 is putting us through our paces. To address current mental health needs, Chris Guzniczak will explore:

  • How to stay strong during a pandemic through
    • radical acceptance,
    • avoiding isolation, and
    • changing your perspective.
  • Staying mentally healthy and retaining a sense of self in high school and college.

Presenter Bio

Chris Guzniczak, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Flower Mound Counseling.  He helps young (and not so young) adults and teenagers effectively manage depression, anger, unhealthy addictions, and relationship challenges. Chris also runs outpatient groups for adults and adolescents at Carrollton Springs Behavioral Hospital and Changes Outpatient Treatment Centers.  Chris followed his passion to help people as a therapist after 20 years of successful technology sales, management, and training.

You can learn more about his practice, follow his blogs, or watch his video series on emotional health at You can reach Chris at (214) 918-9569 or