Scout Badge Activities

All badge activities listed are available for the whole troop (Facilitated Badge Activities) or for the individual scout (self-guided "Badge in a Box" activity) unless otherwise indicated by badge name. To read more about what goes into earning each badge, visit the Girl Scouts Badge Explorer webpage.

Badge Activities by Grade Level

Daisy (K - 1st Grade)

  • Trail Adventure: Go on an adventurous jog or play an outdoor hiking game
  • Eco Learner: Learn three ways to protect the environment when you go outdoors
  • Outdoor Art Maker: View nature like an artist and make your own outdoor art

Brownie (2nd - 3rd Grade)

  • Trail Adventure (Facilitated Activity only): Plan and learn the skills for an outdoor trail run or three different types of hikes
  • Eco Friend: Find new ways to protect our natural world and the living things in it
  • Hiker: Hit the trail for a hike
  • Outdoor Art Creator: Create different kinds of art projects outdoors 
  • Senses: Use your five senses to explore the world around you
  • Bugs: Explore the world of bugs and learn more about these small creatures and all they do
  • Outdoor Adventure (Badge in a Box only): Try new things outdoors and learn which activities you want to do again

Junior (4th - 5th Grade)

  • Outdoor Art Explorer: Find art in nature and create your own outdoor artwork 
  • Animal Habitats: Find out more about where animals live, how they play, and how humans can help protect their homes
  • Trail Adventure (Facilitated Activity only): Go on a trail run for a distance that challenges you, or train for and go on three separate day hikes
  • Geocacher: Search for treasure chests, called "geocaches," using a device called a GPS receiver
  • Flowers (Badge in a Box only): Learn more about flowers beyond their beautiful appearances    

Cadette (6th - 8th Grade)

  • Eco Trekker: Minimize your impact on the environment while planning and taking an outdoor trek
  • Outdoor Art Apprentice: Observe and collect items outdoors to drive your creativity and craft nature-themed art
  • Outdoor Adventure (Facilitated Activity only):
  • Trees: Get to the root of what trees are all about and branch out as a naturalist
  • Trail Adventure (Facilitated Activity only): Go on a long-distance trail run or take three separate challenging trail hikes

Senior (9th - 10th Grade)

  • Outdoor Art Expert: Learned how to create art outdoors with a focus on the environment 
  • Eco Explorer: Get hands-on experience with environmental issues and help make positive changes to the environment

Ambassador (11th - 12th Grade)

  • Outdoor Art Master: Explore nature and create several different kinds of outdoor-themed art
  • Water (Facilitated Activity only): Dive deeper into water facts and reflect on the role water plays in your life and our world