ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System

The City of Coppell Parks Department utilizes the ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System in the city parks system. ThorGuard Lightning Prediction units continuously monitor the atmosphere's electrostatic energy and evaluates the potential for lightning within a 15-mile radius.

How It Works

When a detector determines the atmospheric conditions will support a lightning strike in the area, a 15-second air horn blast will sound and strobe light will turn on. Upon hearing or seeing these signals, individuals who are outdoors should seek appropriate shelter in a sturdy, enclosed structure immediately. When the detector senses conditions are safe, the strobe light will turn off and the horn will sound three short 5-second blasts; normal activity may resume.

The ThorGuard Lightning Prediction units are active from 7 am to 11 pm, seven days a week. View an interactive map of Coppell's ThorGuard unit locations.

Things to Remember

It is important to remember that lightning can occur at any time, even if overhead cloud conditions do not seem ominous; though it may appear to be clear and sunny where you are, "bolts from the blue" can occur up to 10 miles away from its parent thunderstorm.

If you see lightning or hear thunder, halt activity and seek shelter for at least 30 minutes without observing any additional strikes/thunder.

Helpful Resources

Head to NOAA's lightning safety page for more information.

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