Economic Development

The City of Coppell is proud of our pro-business attitude encouraging the development of high-quality businesses and corporate relocation projects all committed to helping each and every one thrive. Coppell's central location, superior school system, excellent quality of life and commitment to the business community explains why more than 500 businesses call Coppell home. Coppell has 82 restaurants (PDF); from fast food to fine dining, Coppell has a variety of food choices.

As seen on the 2019 Vacant Commercial Land Map (PDF), there are approximately 400 acres of vacant land waiting to be developed. Please explore the site and feel free to email the Economic Development Division.

Business Rent/Mortgage Assistance Grant Program 

The Coppell Business Rent/Mortgage Assistance Grant Program was designed to assist small businesses that endured financial distress due to COVID-19.  For more information, visit the Business Rent/Mortgage Assistance Grant Program page.  The grant program expired on January 31, 2023.