Funding Local Service Organizations

As part of the budget process each year, the Coppell City Council reviews applications and presentations from non-profit arts and service organizations directly serving our local community seeking monetary assistance from the City.

Using the Assistance

Any funding assistance approved by the City Council goes toward programs that have a direct impact on Coppell residents. For example, in previous years, the YMCA requested assistance to expand the number and range of programs offered to the community, including healthy cooking classes, free or subsidized swim lessons and diabetes prevention classes. Likewise, the City has also historically granted funding to Metrocrest Services to aid Coppell families in need. 

Furthering the Arts

City Council is also considering requests to further the arts in Coppell. In the past, requests included funds to expand the Ballet Ensemble of Texas' outreach initiatives to help them partner with the City to become a resident company at the Coppell Arts Center. The Coppell Arts Council also previously requested assistance to expand the variety of artwork that is displayed around the City to ensure that there are impactful pieces that all residents can enjoy.

Mutually Beneficial 

In some cases, funding requests have the potential for a high monetary return on investment for the City. For example, the Coppell Chamber of Commerce has previously requested funding to help in its efforts to connect with larger organizations that are headquartered in Coppell. An increase in the workforce and the attraction of new businesses will in turn increase revenues to the City in the form of sales and property taxes.

The City of Coppell strives to be a Family Community for a Lifetime, which means serving all of our residents and stakeholders. The funding requests approved each year make up a small percentage of the total General Fund budget, but the services provided by these organizations have a large impact and benefit everyone in the community. 

Organizations Funded in FY 2022-2023

City Council approved funding for the following organizations in Fiscal year 2022-2023: 

Apply for Service Organization Funding

The application submission period for Fiscal Year 2024 service organization funding is now open.

The City of Coppell will consider funding requests related to social service care provided by non-profit organizations to the citizens of Coppell. 

The City of Coppell will consider funding requests related to the encouragement, promotion, improvement, and application of the arts. 

These requests will be considered annually on an individual case-by-case basis.

To be considered for financial assistance from the City of Coppell, the organizations must: