Scouting Courses

Life Safety Park offers courses that cover frequently requested boy and girl scout requirements. Classes will be approximately one hour to an hour and a half in length, offered free of charge, and a minimum of five scouts must attend the course. 

Offered Courses

  • Fire Safety: Smoke Alarms; Exit Plans; Calling 9-1-1; Learn about firefighters as community helpers. Basic fire extinguisher operation can be requested for older scouts.
    • Minimum Attendance: 5
    • Best for scouts in elementary school, or for mixed groups
  • First Aid: Treatment and handling of minor cuts, bruises, burns, stings, and other wounds; splinting; bleed control. If time remains and scouts are age-appropriate, lesson may also include basic CPR-AED use.
    • Minimum Attendance: 5
    • Best for scouts in middle school
  • CPR-AED: CPR basics for infants, children, and adults; AED operation and use; how to handle sudden cardiac arrest or choking victims.
    • Minimum Attendance: 5              Max Attendance: 30
    • Best for scouts in middle or high school
  • Emergency Preparedness: In regards to severe weather threats in North Texas; difference between a 'watch' and a 'warning;' emergency supply kits; forms of emergency communication.
    • Minimum Attendance: 5
    • Best for scouts in middle or high school
Note: The above topics are the most frequently requested. If you would like to cover a specific topic, you may specify in the request form. Please note that instructors can only cover ONE topic in the time allotted.

Helpful Resources

If you are a Coppell scouting group interested in requesting a scouting visit, please complete the Scout Safety Training Request Form and a Life Safety Park staff member will follow up with your submission.

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