Development Services

Development Handbook

The Development Handbook (PDF) is intended to provide guidance to the Citizens of Coppell and the Development Community related to the procedures/requirements for the planning and construction of a project. It has links to applications, timelines, meetings, checklists, and inspections information, and describes the development workflow in detail from conceptual planning to issuance of a final Certificate of Occupancy.

About Our Team

The Development Services Team's "One Stop Shop" located at 265 Parkway is here to meet your development needs. Whether you have a feasibility question about a conceptual plan or a specific development question (utilities, drainage, landscaping, zoning, setbacks, building design, etc.) we are here to help. Each of the departments listed on this page has a member on the Development Advisory Committee (DAC), which has a standing meeting every Tuesday morning at 9 am providing an opportunity to have all your questions answered at once. Please call 972-304-3678 or email the Development Services Division to schedule a time.

Participating departments include: