Fire / EMS Reports & Medical Billing

Fire Reports

Please submit any open records request for fire incident reports through the City of Coppell City Secretary office.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) / Medical Reports

In order to help process an insurance claim or meet other obligations, email the fire administration personnel or call at 972-304-3512 or  can assist you in obtaining an ambulance report / medical record. Please contact the Fire Department EMS Chief at 972-304-3512 with your request at your earliest convenience and we will assist you through the process.

Due to Health Insurance Portability Protection Act (HIPPA), a request for an ambulance report / medical record must be made in person with proper picture identification or by completing the appropriate notarized Medical Authorization Form (PDF) and submitting it to our office. The appropriate documentation must be submitted prior to the release of an ambulance report / medical record.

Ambulance / Medical Billing

Coppell Fire Department outsources ambulance billing records to Emergicon Emergency Medical Billing. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact Emergicon at 877-602-2060.