Curfew Hours for Minors

The City of Coppell has an established city ordinance for curfew hours for minors. A minor is a person between ten years of age and sixteen years of age. The hours of curfew are Sunday through Thursday, from 11 pm until 6 am. The hours of curfew for Friday and Saturday are midnight to 6 am. The curfew hours established remain in effect for the entire year and do not change during summer break.

Curfew Offenses

There are three ways to commit an offense:

  • A minor remains in a public place or on the premises of an establishment within the City during curfew hours.
  • A parent or guardian of a minor knowingly permits, or by insufficient control allows, the minor to remain in a public place or on the premises of an establishment within curfew hours.
  • The owner, operator, or any employee of an establishment knowingly allows a minor to remain upon the premises of the establishment during curfew hours.

The fine for a curfew violation is up to $500 for each offense.

Defenses to Prosecution

There are several defenses to prosecution:

  • The minor is accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • On an errand at the direction of a parent or guardian, without any detour or stop
  • In a motor vehicle involved in interstate travel
  • Engaged in employment, or going to or returning from employment
  • Involved in an emergency
  • On the sidewalk by the minor's residence
  • Attending an official sponsored function.
  • Exercising 1st Amendment right
  • Married or had been married