Art in the Park

The City of Coppell partners with the Coppell Arts Council to promote art from regional artists to public spaces within the City. A collaborative effort between staff and citizens has brought 12 sculptures in the City's Old Town district, referred to as the Old Town Art Splash, and 11 art installations to Andrew Brown Park East. Use this printable PDF to complete the Old Town Art Splash Scavenger Hunt (PDF).

Old Town Art Splash

Old Town Art Splash Locations Map

  1. Scrap Angel by Russ Whiting (JPG)
  2. Space Between Dots and Dash by Dewane Hughes (JPG)
  3. Danseur by Scott Shubin (JPG)
  4. King Crow by Jeffie Brewer (JPG)
  5. Feather by Kirk Seese (JPG)
  6. Dreamer by Russ Whiting (JPG)
  7. Red Pony by Russ Connell (JPG)
  8. We Are Family by Stephan Potter (JPG)
  9. Chameleon by Pascale Pryor (JPG)
  10. Candy Mama Cupcake by Melissa Sclafini (JPG)
  11. Low Poly Heart by Matthew Duffy (JPG)
  12. Roja Baronesa by Stephan Potter (JPG)

Andrew Brown Art Splash

Phase 2 of the Coppell Art Splash is currently underway at Andrew Brown Park East. 

Andrew Brown Park East Art Splash Numbered Map

  1. Chat by Shonini Ghosh (not installed yet)
  2. Heart Beat by Laura Abrams (JPG)
  3. Twist in Time by James Haire
  4. Partners by Robert Heintzelman (JPG)
  5. Amos by George Hensley (JPG)
  6. Cobra by Scott Shubin (JPG)
  7. Wawoo by Russ Connell
  8. Influx by Scott Shubin (JPG)
  9. Waterfall by Pascale Pryor (JPG)
  10. Six Directions by Sandy Friedman (JPG)
  11. TBD by TBD (not installed yet)

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