State of the City

2022 State of the City

The Coppell Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual State of the City presentation on Thursday, February 9, 2023.

In his 2022 State of the City video address, Mayor Wes Mays and City staff highlight the City's accomplishments over the past year. Despite some challenging times leading up to 2022, Coppell shined brightly. Even with a lingering pandemic, legislative challenges, staffing shortages, and an ever-increasing inflation rate, we were able to accomplish so much in Coppell, largely due to a solid foundation that was forged through decades of strong, dedicated leadership. A history of strategic planning and a conservative fiscal approach have not only distinguished Coppell as a community of choice but have also allowed for our stability during trying times

With our strong foundation, our Vision 2040 strategic plan allows us to adapt and grow no matter what challenges and obstacles are put in front of us. City staff works hard to continuously provide the services that you expect year after year, regardless of adversity, regardless of resources, regardless of inflation.

The presentation included information about: