16 Traits & Characteristics of An Ally

Allies represent a variety of skills and abilities.

Anyone Can Be An Ally

Allies can arise from anywhere in the community. Being an Ally does not require a position of prestige, but only a willingness to work for the good and to do your part to connect neighbor-to-neighbor. Whether part of a crew in a park cleanup or playing the flute in the local orchestra, our residents help make our community great.

Allies champion community values

Champion Values

Coppell Allies believe in mutual respect, diversity, and service - all the values that make a good city an outstanding city. Through our words and actions, Allies in the Coppell community champion these values in our day-to-day lives.

Allies balance their own needs with those of the group.

Balance Needs

Allies are passionate about doing good. We balance our service to others and the community with our own health and wellbeing. We listen when others share their personal needs.

Allies are active in bridge-building across groups, generations, and cultures.

Build Bridges

Allies are active in bridge-building across groups, generations, and cultures. We are comfortable with forming relationships with those that come from different backgrounds and can find common ground through the humanity of others.

Allies advocate for communities other than their own.

Community Advocate

Advocating for your own community comes easily. Allies also stand up for those different from ourselves, regardless of physical boundaries or cultural differences. Whichever neighborhood or groups we come from, Allies support all of us in the City of Coppell.

Allies create safe spaces for authentic conversations.

Create Safe Space

Our Allies in Community facilitate safe spaces to have real, honest conversations. We hold each other in positive regard. We do not make assumptions about another's intent or use an aspect of their identity to label, generalize, or stereotype.

Allies keep confidence and build trust.

Keep Confidence, Build Trust

Trust - whether in a family or with City officials - is key in any relationship. Allies are known in the community to avoid gossip and maintain confidentiality. Allies follow through on our word to help build trust across the community.

Allies are well-liked, trusted sources of advice.

Source of Advice

Our Allies in Community are well-liked and provide direction and respected advice. American Major League Baseball player Hack Wilson once said, In life, you need many more things besides talent. Things like good advice and common sense.

Allies act as a daily "voice" of community values.

Actively Share Values

Allies in Community act in keeping with the City's values and aren't afraid to speak up. We know the importance of not only "talking the talk," but "walking the walk." Daily, we strive to share and live out our values.

Allies mentor others and respond well to mentorship.


Having a role model is important for self-growth. Our Allies in Community not only mentor others but understand the value of being mentored themselves.

Allies support creativity and perspective-sharing by quiet, less visible individuals.

Seek Out the Quiet Voices

Sometimes, the people that make the most difference aren't the most vocal or most visible. Allies in Community seek out the quiet voices at the table and behind the scenes who make vital contributions across our community.

Allies are consistent advocates for powerful, deep, and common good.

Advocate for Powerful, Deep, Common Good

Allies in Community consistently advocate for the powerful, deep, and common good. We are Americans, Texans, and Coppellians, and we stand for each other and for our shared community. We work tirelessly to bring connection and progress for all and are motivated by the common good.

Allies are humble and willing to admit mistakes.


Allies know that everyone makes mistakes. We work to admit our shortcomings and take opportunities to self-correct.

Allies are secure in own identity and non-defensive.

Secure & Non-Defensive

It's not easy being green, as told by Kermit the Frog. Allies seek to be secure within ourselves. Despite our imperfections, we strive to avoid defensive behavior and work to understand and respect others that are different from ourselves.

Allies are dedicated to lifelong learning.

Lifelong Learner

The City of Coppell offers many opportunities for lifelong learning. From a wealth of cultures and faith communities to toddler swim classes to dance courses at the Senior and Community Center, Allies in Community know and value continual self-development.

Allies are willing to share knowledge of "unwritten" rules.

Share "Unwritten" Rules

In every setting, there are unwritten rules. Allies in Community navigate and share the different nuances that exist. We work to build civil, collaborative, and respectful relationships across our Coppell community.