Community Resources

Your Home

  • Alarm Permits - A permit is required for each alarm site and each type of alarm system in residential dwellings and in businesses. Permits must be obtained within 30 days of installation and renewed annually.
  • Building Permits - Permits for accessory buildings, fences and more.
  • Code Compliance - This Division plays a major role in sustaining the integrity of the community while making Coppell a better place to live, work, and play.


  • Allies in Community - Build relationships through common ground, foster a deep sense of belonging, enhance residents' active engagement in the City of Coppell.
  • Coppell Volunteers - The City of Coppell recognizes and welcomes the extraordinary value that volunteers bring to the public stewardship, citizen engagement, and expanded resources of our programs, projects, events, and activities.
  • Social Services - Through non-profit organizations, the City offers residents access to a variety of social services.
  • Civic Organizations - Coppell is home to many non-profit civic organizations that are always looking for volunteers.

Neighborhood Safety

  • Citizen Observer - Submit anonymous tips.
  • RAIDS Online - The Coppell Police Department uses RAIDS Online to help you get a better idea of the crime activity in your area.
  • Solicitor Permits - Who is knocking at your door? The City of Coppell requires some solicitors and handbill distributors to obtain permits before entering neighborhoods.

Emergency Services

Dial 911 in a life-threatening emergency. Call the other phone numbers for dispatch and non-emergency issues:

  • Fire DepartmentFire Administration: 972-304-3512
    • Non-emergency dispatch: 469-289-3270
    • To report arson or suspected arson, call the Fire Marshall's Office: 972-304-7055
  • Police Department Non-emergency: 972-304-3600 or 972-304-3610