Drainage System Maintenance

The City does not maintain creeks or ditches on private property. The City does maintain inlets, pipes, concrete channels, and headwalls that discharge into creeks. At a property owner's request, the City will remove obstacles on private property which are obstructing the flow of water, provided they are accessible from land.


In the event of flooding due to a blockage of the storm drain system, residents may Public Works at 972-462-5150. In the event of a flooding emergency during non-business hours please contact Coppell Police Dispatch at 972-304-3610.


Residents are urged not to dispose of leaves or grass clippings into open drainage systems or to place any debris in a location that would impede the flow of water into the underground drainage system. Such actions may result in serious flooding. Also, waste accumulates and pollutes the areas adjacent to ditches, streams, and lakes and ruins the aesthetics for all citizens of Coppell.