Fall 2023 Activities & Events

Community Experiences Activity Guide

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  1. From the Director's Desk
  2. Here's the Pitch: An Exciting New Addition!
  3. How to Register
  4. Special Events
  5. The CORE
  6. Learn to Swim
  7. Biodiversity Education Center
  8. Cozby Library and Community Commons
  9. Tennis & Pickleball
  10. Coppell Arts Center
  11. Coppell Senior & Community Center


Even though it may not be cooling off quite yet, the calendar tells us it’s fall! There is so much to enjoy in our community this season and we hope you and your family will find a class, program, park, or playground to spend time in soon.

Speaking of lots to do, in no particular order, I have compiled my list of the “Top 10 Things to Do” in Coppell this fall. Enjoy!

  1. Get involved in our Community Experiences Master Plan process. There will be plenty of ways to participate and let us know what’s important to you.
  2. Go see a show at the Coppell Arts Center. There are tons of great ones this season!
  3. Play some pickleball. In case you have not heard, this sport is taking the world by storm. Stop by the Wagon Wheel Tennis & Pickleball Center and check it out.
  4. Enjoy the fall foliage in one of our 17 parks.
  5. Get dressed up and snag some candy at Flick or Treat on October 28.
  6. Attend Kaleidoscope. Stop by Old Town on October 7 and experience a celebration of art and culture!
  7. Visit the Library of Things. The Cozby Library and Community Commons is more than books…stop by to check out a guitar, cornhole boards, party decorations and more!
  8. Sit by the fireplace at the Senior and Community Center at Grapevine Springs.
  9. Take a hike at the Coppell Nature Park.
  10. Stroll along the brand new Moore Road Boardwalk.

These are just some of my favorite things. I can’t wait to hear about yours!

See you around town,

Jessica Carpenter • Director, Coppell Community Experiences