What is Coppell Life Safety Park?

Coppell Life Safety Park is a joint public education venture between several City of Coppell departments, but is run by the Fire Department. Coppell Life Safety Park provides a comprehensive learning environment for children, families, corporate citizens, and the general public regarding overall life safety education programs. Education is provided primarily through school field trips, scout visits, and other public classes scheduled throughout the year. Sample topics covered at Life Safety Park include, but are not limited to:

  • Bike safety
  • Fire safety
  • Home safety
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Severe weather safety
  • Traffic safety
  • First-Aid CPR

About the Park

Life Safety Park is staffed by two full-time fire department employees, who serve as the public safety educators. For certain scheduled classes and events, additional staffing is provided by off-duty firefighters and police officers. Coppell’s Emergency Management Division is also housed out of Life Safety Park, and overseas the onsite Emergency Operations Center.

To learn more about how Life Safety Park came to be, including construction, funding, etc., please view our online brochure

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1. What is Coppell Life Safety Park?
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11. Are the firefighters and police officers at Life Safety Park real-life public service members?