Will the rate structure change result in additional revenue for the City?

No, The City is not expected to collect any addition revenue as a result of the rate structure change or the residential sewer volume cap.

Under the new rate structure, 71% of residential customers are expected to see a slight decrease in their water bill. 

The remaining 29% of residents who use in excess of 15,000 gallons per month may see an increase in their bills. The rate for the first 15,000 gallons used under the new structure is $3.05 per 1,000 gallons. Any additional usage over 15,000 gallons is billed at a higher rate.   

The City anticipates that the reduced bill amount for 71% of residents will offset any additional revenue from the 29% of customers who may see an increase in their bill. Therefore, the City is not expected to see any increases in revenue as a result of the rate structure change. 

The City could potentially see a decrease in revenue from water utilities once the new rate structure takes effect. If high-usage households begin efforts to conserve water – and therefore reduce their utility bills – the City could see a reduction in utility revenue.

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