How was the kiosk funded?

The kiosk was funded through the CARES Act. After evaluation, it
was determined that the kiosk would provide a convenient, secure, and streamlined payment
option for residents while also reducing direct interaction between staff and customers. Read more about the CARES Act.

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1. Can you drop off envelopes with a check in Kiosk?
2. Will we be adding a drop box option for residents?
3. Why does the kiosk prompt me to scan a “barcode?”
4. Why did we eliminate the drop box?
5. How was the kiosk funded?
6. Can residents still drop off their utility payments in person?
7. If you pay by cash does the kiosk give you change?
8. Can I pay more on my utility bill through the kiosk?
9. Why did the City transition from a drop box to the kiosk?
10. What other ways can I pay my utility bill?