What triggered Stage 2 Watering Restrictions?

The City of Coppell purchases treated water from Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) at a contractual supply of 18.5 million gallons of water per day. Contractually, we have the ability to purchase additional treated water from DWU at a cost to our customers. In late July/early August 2023, water use in Coppell reached maximum volume over many consecutive days, and the City was not able to completely refill its water tanks. Per the Drought Contingency Plan, and to manage the amount of water we purchase from DWU, this kind of system demand triggers mandatory watering restrictions to ensure that the City can continue to provide water to the community at a high level of service and at as low a cost as possible.

The City of Coppell is not experiencing a water emergency; instead, we are encouraging customers to do their part to conserve water while we are under drought conditions to ensure that we can offer high-quality service and avoid a cost increase in the future.

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