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Book Blurb: Teen Volunteers in Coppell

  1. This form is intended for use by existing Teen Volunteers. Book Blurbs earn you 30 minutes of community service. 

    By completing this form, you authorize us to share your book blurb and associated image on social media. We'll only share your first name and last initial in the post.

    When submitting a book review, please make sure the book: 

    • Was ORIGINALLY published in the past 7 years (That's right - you CAN'T review Romeo & Juliet or 1984)
    • Is part of the Cozby Library's collection - check to see if it's in our catalog
  2. Should be published within the past 7 years.

  3. Star Rating:*
  4. Can be a picture of you reading, your bitmoji reading, selfie, or a picture of the book you've taken.

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