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Indie Author Fair Application

  1. This application is open to all indie authors in the DFW area. Priority for spaces is given to Coppell residents. 

  2. Contact Information
  3. Please provide the title and publication year of your most recent book(s).
  4. What is the format of your most recent book?*

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  5. Which term best describes your most recent book?*

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  6. Are you interested in receiving information about donating your most recent book to the Cozby Library's circulating Indie Author collection?
  7. To ensure the success of the event, it's important for you, the author, and the Cozby Library to understand the terms of the event agreement. Please read each statement carefully and check it to indicate you agree.
  8. The Cozby Library and Community Commons will:*
    • provide a table and chairs,
    • advertise the Indie Author Fair online and in print, and 
    • send a reminder to the email address on this application a week before the event.
  9. The Cozby Library and Community Commons is not responsible for:*
    • Marketing the individual authors who will be present at the event,
    • items left unattended during the event,
    • collecting payments on behalf of the authors, or
    • breaking large bills on behalf of patrons or authors.
  10. The author is responsible for:*
    • bringing their own tablecloth and family-friendly table decor (if desired),
    • supplying copies of books if they intend to have them for sale,
    • marketing their individual participation in the event (if desired),
    • providing at least 24 hours notice to in the event they must cancel.
  11. I, the author, understand that completion of this application does not ensure I have a table at the Indie Author Fair. I understand that participation in this event does not imply endorsement by the Cozby Library and Community Commons or the city of Coppell.*
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