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WWTPBC Tournament/Event Request


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  • WWTPBC Tournament/Event Request

    1. Abstract tennis ball logo with the works Wagon Wheel Tennis and Pickleball Center in a circle
    2. Thank you for considering Wagon Wheel Tennis and Pickleball Center for your special event. General guidelines for hosted events are listed below. Due to our primary need to have courts available for recreational, league team play and City of Coppell tennis programming, our space is very limited. Several factors including the size of the event, timing and requested court space will be considered when confirming court space for your event. 

      • Courts are assigned/events are approved by the facility manager, Eric Clay.
      • All players must wear appropriate attire - court shoes (non-marking), proper athletic pants/shorts, and shirts are required at all times. 
      • Each participant must complete a facility waiver prior to play.
      • Events may be required to secure liability insurance. In such instances, the City of Coppell must be listed as additional insured. A copy of insurance must be provided to the facility manager at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event. 
      • Court rates are $20 per court for a 2-hour time block.
      • The facility can provide instruction for both tennis and/or pickleball from one of our certified instructors. This service is an additional fee of $70. (Cost of a 1-hour private lesson)
      • By City ordinance, Wagon Wheel Tennis and Pickleball Center is a smoke and alcohol free facility.

      Please contact Wagon Wheel Tennis and Pickleball Center with any additional questions or event needs that are not addressed in this form. Our staff will do our best to meet the unique needs of each event.